Adoption Matters are delighted to take part in a new nationwide campaign, launching on 16 September 2020, to dispel myths around who is eligible to adopt and highlight that, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still children out there who are waiting for a family.

The campaign launches as the number of adoptions in England has fallen by a third in the past four years and the number of children waiting has risen as well as the length of time they wait.

We are delighted that our family, Ben & Amy Hathaway and their family feature in the campaign film below:

In the UK, there are almost 3,000* children that are in need of an adoptive family  and the number of adoptions in England has fallen by a third in four years.

Earlier this year, a new report revealed that over four in ten (45%) adults in the UK have considered adoption or would consider adoption in future.  But, despite this, over six in 10 (62%) adults do not feel they know much about the adoption process and this lack of knowledge may contribute to many people not taking the important first step.

Many myths appeared during the survey:

  • Over a quarter (26%) think that someone over the age of 50 is not eligible to adopt
  • 18% of people believe those who have experienced anxiety are not eligible to adopt
  • Less than a quarter (22%) correctly stated that once a person is over the age of 21, they are old enough to adopt. 12% believed it was once a person is over 18 and 28% believed it was over 25.
  • Over a quarter (26%) of people do not know if LGBTQ+ people are eligible to adopt
  • 17% of people think that single people are not eligible to adopt

Amy & Ben share their amazing story here of adopting six children. Amy comments:

“Ben and I adopted a baby girl through Adoption Matters and she is just amazing and keeps us highly entertained every single day! We also have five other adopted children who we adopted in Tanzania (none are biological siblings – they were five separate adoptions).

Our children are all Black African and we are white British so our story is not a ‘typical’ one.  We chose adoption as our first and only way of creating a family.  I have known since I was a little girl that I would adopt my children and they are all incredible.

I found Adoption Matters to be really great.  They were very open minded and supportive as I am sure other agencies may have been sceptical about us adopting a sixth child (and they also helped us adopt the most precious little girl in existence!)

I can honestly say that adoption is without a doubt, the best thing I ever did (6 times over!).  I would never want to create a family in any other way.  If you have love in your heart, have strength and passion to support a child no matter what, then adoption could be the right path for you.”

Ruth, 44 (below) adopted her daughter aged 10 months, and talks about her adoption journey with Adoption Matters here:

“I looked into Adoption Matters, I rang them and said I am a woman in her early 40s, living by herself, I’ve no idea how this is going to work and they basically said, we’ll help you. They took my hand and took me all the way through the process and made everything easy”.

Adoption Matters Chief Executive, Norman Goodwin CBE,  is a member of the coalition of National Adoption Recruitment Steering Group, supported by the Department for Education (DfE), who joined forces to launch this nationwide recruitment campaign to raise awareness of adoption.  Norman comments:

“We hope that this national campaign will help dispel some of the myths that still exist around adoption.  There is a very wide range of people who have the motivation, commitment and love to be a great parent and there are many children who are waiting.  Here at Adoption Matters, we have worked  hard to ensure that throughout the pandemic, that we are here for people interested in adoption and to continue to offer support to our families and children and we want to continue to encourage people to think about expanding their family or starting their family through adoption. The most thing you need is the time, love and commitment to offer a child or children”.

To find out more about adoption, download an information pack here or contact us on Freephone: Tel 0300 123 1066 or by email: 

Adoption Matters host regular online events for people to attend to find out more about adoption, our next event is 5th October 2020 – register your place to attend here.

*Of children waiting to be adopted 27% were over 5 years old, 5% have a disability, 17% were of a Black, Asian and minority ethnic background and 40% are in sibling groups.
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