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There are over 2,400 vulnerable children needing a stable, caring home. We want to help change that. Could you?

Adoption Matters aim is to find families for children of all ages who, for a variety of reasons, are no longer able to live with their birth families or extended family.  Working in partnership with Regional Adoption Agencies (RAAs) across the whole of the UK, we have placed thousands of children with their forever family. We believe ALL children deserve the chance of a loving, permanent home through adoption wherever possible. Many children wait longer for a family if they are over 4 years old, part of a sibling group, from a Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic background or have additional needs.

Adoption Matters has a successful track record in placing children from a range of backgrounds and the expert ongoing support and training we offer, means our adopters are fully supported. We welcome families & individuals to consider adoption, no matter what their background, ethnicity, faith or sexuality, whether they rent, work are unemployed or retired, parents or preparing to parent.  What you do need is the willingness and commitment to offer a child or children a loving, caring home in which they can thrive.

About the Adoption Process
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The Process

We have detailed below our adoption process which is covered in two stages. The adoption journey starts when you first consider adoption and if it is right for you and your family.

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Informal Visit
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Registration of Interest (Stage 1)
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Application (Stage 2)
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Stage 2
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Middle Line
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Family Finding
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Centre for Adoption Support
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Types of Adoption
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Types of Adoption

There are different routes to adoption including early permanence, fostering to adopt and concurrent planning.

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Domestic or ‘Traditional’ Adoption

Children will usually be placed with foster carers before moving on to adoption and their care plan for adoption will have been decided by professionals working with them and the courts.

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Early permanence

This route to adoption seeks to reduce the number of moves a child experiences, so they are able to achieve permanence at the earliest possible point.

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Adopting with Concurrent Planning

This service is for babies and young children who are enter care and are likely to need adoption, but who also still have a chance of being reunited with their birth family.

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Adopter Stories

Our adopters below have shared their real stories about their own personal adoption journey.



Ruth, 44, talks about her journey to adoption with Adoption Matters. “I looked into Adoption Matters, I ran...

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For as long as Claire can remember, she has always wanted to be a mum.  She resolved that if she had not me...

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Sarah’s Story

My name is Sarah, born and brought up in Middlesex, but I moved to Wilmslow with my husband 13 years ago.  ...

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Graham’s story

To celebrate his 50th birthday, adopter Graham Jump wanted to do something a little different and decided t...

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Michael and Les

Les and I both met while working overseas as holiday reps over 12 years ago, after 3 years travelling we de...

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Helen & Simone

Simone and I had been together about 3 years when we started our adoption journey. We had both always known...

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Meet some of the 2,400+ children waiting to be adopted

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I’m Tom, my carers say I’m a cheeky chap

I’m Tom, my carers say I’m a cheeky chap

Tom is described as a 'little cheeky chap who always has a smile for everyone'.  Tom loves to be read to an...

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Inter-country Adoption

Inter-Country or International adoption is a type of adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parent of a child who is a national of a different country.

Adoption Matters do not offer Inter-Country Adoption assessments. If you are interested in Inter-Country Adoption, please contact our colleagues at the Intercountry Adoption Centre on their Advice Line on 0208 447 4753

Adoption Centre

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Open every weekday from 10am to 1pm with call backs made by advisors up until 4pm.

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Inter-country adoption