Support for Adopters with Sanam Harrinanan

This episode of the You Can Adopt podcast is hosted by former children’s social worker and Love Island winner, Sanam Harrinanan.

Sanam speaks to Emma, who adopted two children with her husband, to explore the theme of the support available to adopters.

There are a variety of support services available to adopters throughout their journey, from therapeutic and financial support for children with disabilities, to ongoing peer support through workshops, family days out and training sessions.

Emma and her husband adopted two children, and their son has required some additional support along the way. Working with their adoption agency and local authority, they have been able to access a variety of means of support, including financial and therapeutic.

Adopters are in greatest demand for brother and sister groups, older children, children with additional and/or complex needs and children from Black and mixed heritage backgrounds. Children from these groups represent 59% of all children waiting to be adopted.

In this episode, Sanam and Emma explore that while some of these groups of children may bring additional challenges to a new family, the power of family and a permanent home can be transformational for these children, and there is support available.