Growing Up as an Adoptee with Joy Carter

This You Can Adopt podcast episode explores the journey of being an adopted adult, from adoption through to life now. Joy Carter, comedienne, writer and poet hosts the episode, speaking with fellow adoptees Dawn and Fran.

The ultimate aim of this episode of the podcast is to show adoption from the adoptee’s perspective, as well as to broadcast a variety of voices and help potential adopters understand the different viewpoints around the adoption process.

Dawn and Fran both had very difficult home lives as infants, but have used their life experiences positively. Dawn is now in the process of applying to become a social worker, as she wants to make change in adoption, and Fran now specialises in halting and reversing the long term psychological and physiological impact of childhood trauma and adversity.

In the podcast they speak candidly about their experiences of adoption, their lived experiences and trauma they shared, as well as how adoption and their adoptive families have shaped them today.

At times the podcast is a difficult listen, but their journeys provide an important message of the impact adoption can have.