Adopting Brothers and Sisters with Sinitta

This podcast, with the launch of the refreshed You Can Adopt campaign, hopes to encourage more people to consider adopting groups of brothers and sisters, pop star and adoptive mother Sinitta sits down with Hafsa and James to talk about their experience of adopting brothers.

Latest figures show there are currently 2,030 children waiting to be adopted in England and, of those, 44% are in family groups of two or more. With family groups of children taking an average of 17 months to be adopted, brothers and sisters typically take 36% longer to be adopted than individual children. This episode explores the huge benefits and potential challenges of adopting family groups, and dives deep into the journey that Sinitta, Hafsa and James went through when they adopted their children. They talk through the adoption process, how they came to the decision to adopt brothers and sisters together, and how they are adapting to their new family life.

Hafsa and James began their adoption journey as foster carers, and after struggles with IVF, last year made the leap to adoption. A mixed heritage couple, Hafsa is Pakistani and James is African Caribbean, they sought children who as closely as possible matched their ethnicities, and were able to adopt two little boys to grow their family.

Sinitta had had similar struggles with IVF and with surrogates, before she adopted a brother and sister in 2007, and has been a vocal advocate for adoption ever since.

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