Adopting as a Same Sex Couple with Charlie Condou

This You Can Adopt podcast is hosted by actor and activist Charlie Condou, who speaks to couple Adam and Daniyal, about adopting as a same sex couple. They discuss being LGBTQ+ parents, the process of adoption, the support they received along the way, and how they came to adopt.

Charlie Condou, ex Coronation Street actor and LGBTQ+ activist, shares two children with his partner and their friend, who acted as a surrogate and co-parents their children. While he did not go down the adoption route, he is passionate about encouraging gay parenting and is an advocate for adoption.

Adam is from Middlesbrough, and his husband, Daniyal, grew up in Dubai – but they both now live near Newcastle together. They met working in a hospital, fell in love and got married- and later began thinking about having children. After beginning the adoption process, they were quickly matched with a child. They adopted their little boy at 10 months old, and he is almost three.

He was born on the eve of the first Covid lockdown, and then in care for 10 months before he came to them. When adopting, they didn’t have any specific preferences about gender or heritage, but just wanted a child to love and give a safe home. Their little boy is from a mixed white and South Asian background- and people always tell them he looks like both his papa and his daddy. Since becoming part of their family, they say their lives have been turned upside down in the best way- he is cheeky, loves to roll his eyes and cause havoc!

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