Local families for local children

18 November 2019
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Adoption Matters covers the whole of the North of England, parts of Wales, Stoke, Staffordshire and Shropshire. We work very closely with our Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) and Local Authority (LA) colleagues across these areas in finding local families for local children.


We know that maintaining community, regional cultural, education and family links is very important. It also aids to maintaining the high quality and ongoing support we offer to our families when we are working with our RAA & LA colleagues whom we have existing relationships with across the areas we cover.  We are very proud that over 80% of the children we have placed since April 2019, are with local families. 


There will always be cases when a family who can best meet the child’s needs is not local to the placing authority and so we also work with RAAs/LAs across the whole of the UK.


It’s not about finding a child for a family, but very much the right family for the child – children are at the centre of everything we do.


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