Will you offer support in the future?

Yes. We will draw up an individual post placement and post adoption support plan with you in conjunction with the local authority/Regional Adoption Agency who is placing the child, so that everyone is in agreement about the level of support that you might require.

Many of our families say they chose Adoption Matters due to our commitment to ongoing support. We offer support from your first email or call, throughout your adoption assessment, to the placement of a child or children, through to their first days at school, college and beyond, for as long as you need it.

We offer support to prospective adopters, approved adopters and their extended family, adopted adults and birth families.

Our innovative Centre for Adoption Support  provides a wide range of support and training services for adoption and permanency, for both families and children.

Our webinars are free of charge for Adoption Matters families and Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) families that are currently receiving support from the Centre for Adoption Support. If you are an adopter, special guardian or foster carer from a different agency, the cost to attend our webinars is £15 per person