Therapy Services

Adoption is a life enhancing and positive journey for a family. At times however, this process can become a cause for distress and challenge. It is recognised that working with children and young people that have experienced early trauma requires specialist knowledge and expertise. Parenting such children can also present challenges and require significant emotional resilience. In order to support and facilitate change, our therapy service provides evidence based interventions that best meet the needs of adopted children and their families.  We work with the same ethos as our Centre for Adoption Support, that we know every child and family is different, there is no one size of therapy that fits all.

Each family has different strengths and needs. Adoption Matters Therapy Service provides a personalised therapeutic intervention based on a  structured assessment.  We work with both adopted children and families and children placed with families via Special Guardianship Orders.

All of our therapy services are covered by the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and we will guide you and your placing Local Authority with their submission to the ASF.

Our statistics 

  • Since 2016 we have worked with over 300 families and also delivered 334 ASF contracts


Our Clinical Lead

Our Therapy Service is lead by Dr. Nadine Eisenberg who joined the service in 2014. Nadine brings a wealth of experience from her career from working as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. Posts have included Clinical Director, Child Mental Health Directorate at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital; Consultant clinical psychologist CAMHS, Looked After Children and Adoption, Therapeutic Foster Care as well as specialist services for young people who have experienced emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Our Assessment

Assessments are conducted by a clinical psychologist or child psychotherapist and will cover all aspects of a child’s life.  This will include sessions with adopters, the child, school and other professionals as appropriate.  The assessment will provide clear recommendations regarding a way forward.

What we offer

Adoption Matters therapy service can provide a wide range of therapists across the North West, Stoke & Staffordshire. All have specialist skills and experience of working with adopted children and their families.  Approaches include:

The approaches incorporate developments in neuropsychology, brain development and sensory integration.  Therapists are registered to practice and have ongoing clinical supervision.


A key feature of the therapy service is ensuring that we deliver effective interventions. The approaches are informed by the latest research on what works for adoptive families. Each therapist will work with families to put together an agreed therapeutic plan with clear goals. All therapeutic work is supervised by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and specialist supervisors depending on the specific approach. The work is evaluated and written reports made available.


The cost of therapy will depend on each families individual requirements and will vary according to the duration of therapy and type of intervention.  A detailed costing can be provided.  All of our therapy services are covered by the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and we will guide you and your placing Local Authority with their submission to the ASF.

Please contact us on Tel: 0300 123 1066 to discuss your requirements or email:

Download our Therapy Leaflet 2019  here (pdf)


We are holding a 3 day Parenting Challenging & Aggressive Behaviours – Coping with Emotional Crisis course in September, click here for full details.