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About Us

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What families say about us

“My husband and I were incredibly apprehensive about this course. However, we did not need to be at all. The content and delivery were thorough and we have practised many elements that we learnt and it has been very beneficial to the parenting of our children. Thank you”

“Excellent staff who made for a great welcome and put 110% heart, emotion, knowledge and experience into their work”

“Very human in the way they acknowledged the difficulties we are experiencing. I felt understood”

“Applying this training has been life changing!”

“This is a very special place. Social workers really ‘get it’ and are non-judgemental. They are proactive and don’t wait for the family to be in crisis”.   

“After some friendly introductions and some vocal warm ups, we are transformed into Popstars wihtin the hour! You can physically see the kids grow in confidence and self-esteem and parents let go and throw themselves into it”.   

“The work has been most beneficial. It has enabled me to judge situations with a much cooler head… I am able to handle extremely strong emotions in a much more controlled and safe way. Thank you… this work has changed me for the better”.  


What professionals say about us

We have worked with over 70 Local Authorities across England through referrals to our service to work with families. Below are some quotes taken from our feedback forms sent to professionals who have worked with us:

“Useful, thought-provoking, insightful and child-focused training as always” 

“Really helpful course – CFAS are doing so much that we don’t always hear/know about on the teams” 

“Good service and can be sure of timely responses and proposals for work/contracts” 


Our Ethos

We know every child is different. There is no 'one size' of support that fits all...


Adoption Support News

Theraplay Advent Calendar

Theraplay Advent Calendar created by Mary Kennedy, Tory Kerneen and Fiona Peacock. Theraplay is about strengthening parent-child relationships.

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Christmas hints, tips & advice for adopters

Christmas can be a difficult time for some of our children and families. We’ve got some Christmas tips and advice to help ease you through this sometimes difficult and often very busy time.

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Supporting your children back to school during Covid-19

Centre for Adoption Support present a webinar for parents and schools around support children back to school during the pandemic using PACE.

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Children's books that celebrate diversity

We work with children from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures and understand the importance of representing diversity positively to children from a young age. Below is a list of books that help to...

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Supporting your family during Covid-19

We know that many families may struggle over the coming weeks and the months ahead and appreciate that you will all be incredibly busy managing the impact of the ever changing situation and uncertainty around...

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LGBT Adoption Week Further funding to Adoption Support Fund welcomed

Adoption Matters are delighted with the announcement that adoptive families and special guardians are set to benefit from a welcome extension to the Adoption Support Fund.

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Changes to the Centre for Adoption Support

As part of an internal restructure, Caritas Care has taken the decision to separate from the CfAS partnership and develop its own Adoption Support Service

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Navigating Adoption Support Conference

On 28 March 2019, we held our first one day conference exploring adoption research and adoption support in partnership with the University of Chester.

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Children & Young People Choir

Parenting Siblings Workshops

Parenting Teenagers Workshops

Friendzone – for teenagers and young people

Shame & Self Esteem Workshops

Adopter Buddy Drop-ins

Therapeutic Parenting Training

Music Matters workshop

Asian Adopters Support Group

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Latest Events


Wed 9


Webinar – Attachment and Education

We know that many adopted children struggle in school and with an increased understanding professionals and parents can ensure that the daily environment within school can remain as calm and attuned to the child’s needs as possible.

Wed 9


Webinar – Parenting Teenagers

In this workshop we will consider the impact of teenage brain and identity development on the way that teenagers view and respond to their environment. We will explore the specific challenges and the impact of early trauma for teenagers who have been adopted.

Tue 15


Webinar – Sensory Processing

We will explore two types of sensory processing challenges; over sensitivity (hypersensitivity), which leads to sensory avoiding and under sensitivity (hyposensitivity), which causes children to be sensory seeking.

Tue 22


Webinar – You and Your Support Network

You and Your Support Network is a webinar workshop of 2 hours for adopters and people from their family and friends support network.

Thu 24


Webinar – Self-Esteem and Shame

Inspired by the work of Brené Brown and Dan Hughes, this webinar explores the universal experience of shame in adults and children through theory and experiential exercises.

Tue 6


Webinar – Lifestory: Making Sense of the Past

Lifestory work is a social work intervention with children and adults designed to recognise their past, present, and future.

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For families

Local Authorities

Education Professionals

For families

We know that learning is an on-going process for all parents and especially for adoptive parents. We understand that many adopted children can face challenges as a result of early life experiences and sometimes, children, their families, schools and all those around them need help to understand and meet those challenges. Our experienced team will work with you, and if appropriate your local authority, to identify the best support for your family at your point of need at whatever age or stage.

Our full list of training events and workshops is available to view on our Events page. Our training programme is ever changing to meet the needs and demands of our adoptive families and we would welcome your suggestions for future workshops.

An overview of what we currently offer includes:

  • Reflective Therapeutic Consultations, a member of our CfAS team will meet with you to discuss your support needs
  • Training courses: Nurtured Heart Approach, Therapeutic Parenting; Life Story Workshops
  • Child to Parent Violence & Aggression (CPVA), Parenting Siblings and Parenting Teenagers and many more.
  • Activity days and events; drama, children and young people choir etc.
  • Direct work with families and individuals.
  • Referral (where appropriate) to our Therapy Service led by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Support for children in the school setting (specialist services to schools)
  • Family support services / buddying / groups such as Nestlings

Our pricing ranges from £50 per person for workshop (face to face) attendance and £15 per person for webinar attendance. During Covid-19 restrictions, we are offering most of our workshops and activities where possible through webinars hosted on Zoom.

Our webinars are free of charge for Adoption Matters families and Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) families that are currently receiving support from the Centre for Adoption Support. If you are an adopter, special guardian or foster carer from a different agency, the cost to attend our webinars is £15 per person

Most of our services fall within the remit of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). The ASF can be used to fund specialist therapeutic support for your family. You will need an assessment of your support needs carried out by your local authority to access the fund. The assessment will indicate which support services are likely to be the most helpful. We have worked with many local authorities in ensuring that this process runs as smoothly as possible.

Families who are/were approved by other agencies

As stated above, you can fund your place on one of our webinars yourself by booking online. You can also contact your local authority to discuss your family’s needs. The local authority that places the child with you is responsible for assessing your adoption support needs for three years after the adoption order. After three years it becomes the responsibility of the local authority where you live (if different). Your local authority may then carry out an Assessment of Adoption Support Needs. Depending on the outcome of this assessment, the local authority may be able to meet these needs through their own core services or may commission our service to provide training, support or therapeutic services.

For information about our full range of training available and a quotation, just fill in our enquiry form here or contact us on Tel: 01925 534 118 or Email: info@centreforadoptionsupport.org

Local Authorities

Our experience shows that by providing adoptive families and permanency carers access to a broad range of training and support from the early stages, we enable them to develop their own strategies for managing the family situation and build their confidence and resilience.  This helps prevent situations developing to crisis point and often avoids the need for more costly therapeutic intervention.

We believe that by accessing our services, Local Authorities will be providing an outstanding and cost effective support to their families.

Our training programme is ever changing to meet the needs and demands of our adoptive families and can be found on our events page here, an overview of what we currently offer to families includes:

  • Reflective Therapeutic Consultations, meet with you to discuss your requirements
  • Training courses: Nurtured Heart Approach, Therapeutic parenting; Life story workshops, Child to parent violence & aggression, parenting siblings & teenagers and many more
  • Activity days and events; rock and river, drama, choir etc
  • Direct work with families and individuals
  • Referral (where appropriate) to our Therapy Service led by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Support for children in the school setting (specialist services to schools)
  • Family support services / buddying / groups such as Nestlings

Most of our services fall under the remit of the Adoption Support Fund and we can assist with applications to the fund to cover the cost of support.

For information about our full range of training available and a quotation, just fill in our enquiry form here or contact us on Tel: 01925 534 118 or Email: info@centreforadoptionsupport.org

Education Professionals

Here at the Centre for Adoption Support we recognise that many of the children and young people who are growing up in adoptive families have complex physical, emotional, developmental and educational needs. Research indicates that a growing number of children and young people demonstrate emotional and behavioural needs that go beyond the strategies learnt via professional training and experience. The rich information that we have gathered as a service has enabled us to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges that some adopted children face in the education setting.

We have facilitated training into nurseries, schools and colleges with the aim creating an ‘attachment and trauma aware’ community, so as children and young people experience the nurturing environments that they need to develop, grow and achieve.

We have extended our accumulated learning to many caring professionals within educational settings, so increasing their levels of confidence and understanding. Professionals have fed back how much they have valued the training and personal development which has had numerous benefits, for not only the families and children that they work so hard to support, but also for the staff themselves feeling valued and enabling them to move forward to the next level as a team.

Our ‘Attachment and the Impact of Early Trauma Training’ has reached approximately 90 schools and colleges, with the number of attendees ranging from small teams to groups of 80 plus staff.  Additionally we have facilitated numerous Reduced Anxiety Management Plans (RAMPS) into schools and colleges.

We have extended our training to workplaces and higher education settings recognising that the experiences of childhood trauma may continue to have an impact as young people embark on their careers and/or into further education.
All of our training to education settings is available to view on our events page.

For information about our full range of training available and a quotation, just fill in our enquiry form here or contact us on Tel: 01925 534 118 or Email: info@centreforadoptionsupport.org


Donations Box

Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you. If you think you have a skills, experience or some availability that could benefit our Centre for Adoption Support, we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteering also has many added benefits – these include:

  • meeting new people and making new friends
  • a chance to socialise
  • getting to know the local community
  • gaining new skills, knowledge and experience
  • using one’s professional skills and knowledge to benefit others

The work of  the Centre for Adoption Support is further enhanced and enriched by the support provided by our amazing team of adopter volunteers. Adopters share time and time again just how much they value the support received from their peers

Sponsorship of one of our Children's Groups

We offer a variety of groups and workshops to children including a children and young people’s choir, activity days out, musical groups.  If you are a company who could offer any sponsorship to further our activities we would love to hear from you. Contact us at info@centreforadoptionsupport.org 

Buddy Group

Our Buddy service is facilitated by a group of volunteer adoptive parents who have built up a wealth of experience and learning as adoptive parents and are able to understand and relate to both the joys and challenges. They have all accessed extensive training on attachment and trauma related issues and are committed to sharing their learning.  The Buddy service is overseen by an assessing social worker and a therapeutic social worker to ensure that the support offered is tailored to each family’s individual needs.

We offer friendly, informal and confidential drop in sessions for Adoption Matters adopters at all stages of their journey. Within the sessions they can meet other adopters and experienced adopter ‘buddies’ in a safe and nurturing environment. The sessions offer the opportunity to explore and learn more about positive parenting strategies in an informal setting, together with people who are actively using these strategies in real life.

“I wanted an opportunity to discuss problems unique to our family circumstances with someone who understood why and how our children were different,” – an Adopter who attended a buddy session.

If you would like to learn more about how to volunteer as a buddy or arrange to speak to a buddy for support please contact ; info@centreforadoptionsupport.org

Helping out at one of our events

From assisting at our Rock n River activity days to helping out at our Centre for Adoption Support Choir, your help could really make a difference.  Get in touch with our team for more info, drop us an email at: info@centreforadoptionsupport.org 


It is recognised that working with children and young people that have experienced early trauma requires specialist knowledge and expertise. Parenting such children can also present challenges and require significant emotional resilience. In order to support and facilitate change, our therapy service provides evidence based interventions that best meet the needs of adopted children and their families. We also can work with Special Guardianship Order (SGO) families, Looked After Children and foster carers.

Our Therapy Service provides a personalised therapeutic intervention based on a structured assessment. All of our therapy services are covered by the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and we will guide you and your placing Local Authority with their submission to the ASF.

Since 2016 the therapy service has worked with over 300 families and also delivered 334 ASF contracts

Approaches include:

  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
  • Theraplay
  • Child Psychotherapy
  • Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)
  • Filial Play Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Dealing with aggression and behavioural challenge, including Non violent resistance (NVR) and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)
  • Mindfulness
  • Working with schools

The approaches incorporate developments in neuropsychology, brain development and sensory integration.

We can provide a wide range of therapists across the North West, Staffordshire and North East Wales. All have specialist skills and experience of working with adopted children and their families.


About our therapy services
Our assessment

Assessments are conducted by a clinical psychologist and will cover all aspects of a child’s life. This will include sessions with parents, the child, school and other professionals as appropriate. The assessment will provide clear recommendations regarding a way forward.


A key feature of the therapy service is ensuring that we deliver effective interventions. The approaches are informed by the latest research on what works for adoptive families. Each therapist will work with families to put together an agreed therapeutic plan with clear goals. All therapeutic work is supervised by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and specialist supervisors depending on the specific approach. The work is evaluated and written reports made available.


The cost of therapy will depend on each families individual requirements and will vary according to the duration of therapy and type of intervention. A detailed costing can be provided. All of our therapy services are covered by the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and we will guide you and your placing Local Authority with their submission to the ASF.

Contact us
For more details

Call or email Therapy Services co-ordinator, Lisa Haslam at: lisa.haslam@adoptionmatters.org or call on 0300 123 1066

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