70 years of creating children’s futures

21 December 2016
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In 2017, Adoption Matters will celebrate their 70th anniversary and the amazing achievement of placing over 4,000 children with their forever families and supporting many thousands more.


Throughout the year we will hold celebratory events across the northwest region and we hope that some of the 4,000 adoptive families, adoptees and even birth families we have supported over the years will be able to join us.  The agency was founded in 1947 with the first ever adoption taking place in April 1948.


The agency now offers a host of services and support but has always offered intermediary support to birth parents and adoptee’s dating as far back as 1949.  We continue to offer this support today helping birth parents trace children who were adopted through our agency in the early years and assist adopted adults trace their records.  Our senior adoption practitioner, Patricia Dalton, has worked for the agency in this intermediary role for over 30 years now and we are proud to offer this vital service.


Adoption Matters remains the ONLY adoption agency and charity to be rated Outstanding three consecutive times and we look forward to another 70 more years of children’s futures.


Please refer to the Adoption Matters History Leaflet for more information.