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Wellbeing matters at Adoption Matters.

In 2022, our staff wellbeing working group, made up of employees from across the organisation, worked in collaboration with all staff and our senior management team to launch the Adoption Matters Wellbeing Pledge, something we are very proud of.

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Adoption Matters Wellbeing Pledge

We believe that everyone in Adoption Matters should have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible standard of wellbeing and mental health.

We will promote a collaborative culture which encourages contribution and reflection from all colleagues across the organisation in order to ensure that Adoption Matters continues to be a caring and supportive employer when making any changes.

We commit to reflect on personal behaviours and organisational practices and policies that will improve the workplace environment and create a wellbeing culture.

We will support and encourage our colleagues to make positive choices for their own wellbeing. Adoption Matters is committed to enhancing the personal growth of everyone within the organisation, and for those we work with. We therefore strive to embrace the principles of Nurtured Heart with absolute clarity by refusing to energise negativity and instead aim to focus our energy on recognising and celebrating each other’s strengths, skills and successes.

Wellbeing Week 2023

In May 2023, we are holding our first Wellbeing Week – offering a range of activities to all staff including:

  • guided relaxation
  • chair based yoga
  • online work outs
  • nutrition, exercise and menopause expert advice sessions
  • mini facials
  • hand and foot treatments
  • head and scalp massages

all topped off with some team get together and walks in around our various offices across Cheshire, Yorkshire, Blackburn, Durham and  Manchester.

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