Why choose Adoption Matters?

3 December 2021

Why choose Adoption Matters for your adoption journey?

At Adoption Matters we believe that children’s welfare and needs are paramount and we aim for them to grow up in a secure and loving family who will best meet their long-term needs and who can help them to reach their full potential. In order to do this and in recognition of the lifelong impact of adoption, the agency provides a comprehensive adoption service for all the parties involved, offering support and advice to prospective adopters, adoptive families, children, adopted children and adults and birth relatives, and an information, support and intermediary service to adopted people and birth relatives.

Adoption and supporting all those affected by adoption is all we do and we have done it for over 74 years becoming experts in our field. We’re here for you, when you need us. #YouMatter #TheyMatter #AdoptionMatters