Adopting Brothers & Sisters

3 May 2021


Almost half of all children in need of adoption require a family where they can remain with their brothers and sisters.

Here, three families who have adopted brothers and sisters, including Chris and Phil from Merseyside, Cara and Gordon from West Sussex, and Chrissi and Dave from Bournemouth share their stories.

Latest figures (as at April 2021) show there are currently 2,030 children waiting to be adopted in England and 44% are sibling groups.(1)  Groups of children wait an average of 17 months to be adopted, which is 36% longer (135 days more) than individual children. More than half of these groups (56%) wait more than 18 months for their new family.(2)  Siblings should be able to grow up together and we are always looking for families who can consider adopting 2 or more children.

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