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We offer adoption support, advice & training for as long as you need it.

Supporting you

As an independent children’s charity and approved voluntary adoption agency, we work with local authorities and other agencies across the whole of the UK. We have a team a team of experienced adoption practitioners whose sole aim and focus is you, our adopters.  We ensure we find the right adopter, for the right child.

By choosing to adopt through Adoption Matters you will gain the additional support, training and guidance from our Centre for Adoption Support,

For more information, contact us on 0300 123 1066 or click enquire to support button below.

The centre for adoption support

By choosing to adopt through Adoption Matters you will gain the additional support, training and guidance from the Centre for Adoption Support, our partnership service delivered with Caritas Care. The centre offers additional bespoke support, training and guidance to adopters, their families and their schools based on adopter’s individual needs. Training and support ranges from therapeutic support to activity days for children to adopter led support groups and social events.  The service also offers a bespoke family finding service.

Adopters approved by other agencies can still access the centre’s services by accessing the Adoption Support Fund or applying via their local authority or agency.  Visit for further details.


Adopted adults

We can offer help and support to adopted adults who were adopted through our agency.

If you were adopted through our agency or the below former agency names and institutions:

then we may be able to assist you to provide information on tracing, counselling and reunion services plus other intermediary services and peer support groups.

Tracing birth relatives

Adopted adults over the age of 18 have the legal right to seek information about their origins and may approach an adoption agency for advice.

Accessing birth records

We can give assistance in accessing birth records.

Intermediary Services

We can assist adopted adults again who are connected with our agency, who wish to contact their birth family by acting as the intermediary party. Intermediary Services have now been extended to descendants and other relatives of adopted adults.

Arranging a Reunion

We can offer advice and will assist by supporting people connected with our agency involved in arranging a reunion.  We can provide information for adoptive parents whose adopted children are considering tracing their birth parents.

Other organisations who can help

CoramBAAF offers a comprehensive guide to researching records and making contact with birth and adopted relatives.


Birth parents

We can offer help and support to Birth Parents who are connected through our agency.

If you have connections with Adoption Matters, you can contact us for an informal discussion about specialist support, tracking adopted adults, intermediary services and the Adoption Contact Register. Our caring and experienced counsellors offer the following support:

    • Thinking through your options and potential outcomes.
    • Preparing you emotionally for the search and reunion process.
    • Tracing information from a range of sources.
    • Providing counselling, support and advice to you and your adopted relative.

CoramBAAF also offers a comprehensive online guide to researching records or making contact with birth and adopted relatives.

We deal with many queries from birth relatives connected with our agency searching for adoptees. We understand that this can be an emotional time and all enquiries are handled sensitively by an experienced worker.

We hold the files for:


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