Lola – Aged 4

Lola (4) has a cheeky personality and a lovely smile. She likes sensory activities such as popping bubbles, and messy play. Lola is a curious and inquisitive child with a great sense of humour, and her wheelchair is enabling her to move around, and discover things for herself.

Lola was diagnosed at birth with spina bifida, and had surgery to drain fluid away from her brain. With the help of medical professionals, she is making good progress, and they are confident that with their support she is very likely to be able to lead an independent life as an adult.

Lola’s foster carers would very much like Lola to have her own family who can continue to support her needs and enable her to develop her independence.

Note: This profile is an example of some of the children we are currently family finding for and not a real child waiting. We do feature ‘real’ children’s profiles from time to time so please do continue to follow our pages for updates.

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