Introducing Jacob

Jacob has a lovely smile that lights up the room and his giggles are infectious to watch. In terms of what Jacob likes and his development, this can change from week to week. Here’s a snapshot of what Jacob likes right now.

What does Jacob like?

Jacob is a very gentle little boy, who is happy and calm in his familiar surroundings and he has a very good relationship with his foster carer and her family.

Jacob loves being tickled and he will smile at his carer and make eye contact to encourage her to do this again; he also likes to hold her hand and walk from one room to another in the house.

Jacob enjoys listening to music and he will make excitable noises to the different music he hears through the television or the radio.

His foster carer says: “He is a real joy to care for”

Jacob is a sensitive child who experiences his world through sensory interactions. He reacts to noise, sound, touch and smell in both a negative and positive manner. He has a sensory tent which he will sometimes use. Jacob loves snuggling himself into a blanket which helps to soothe him if he is upset.

At home, Jacob likes to watch TV and his favourite programmes are Mr Tumble, Peppa Pig and Twirly Woos.

When playing, Jacob likes to concentrate on an activity for short periods, he will stack bricks, with the carers help and then enjoys knocking them down again too.

Jacob loves to draw and he can now hold a pen and pencil and demonstrates good concentration and it is clear he really enjoys making pictures.

Currently Jacob is enjoying playing with puzzles and mini jigsaws, he has learnt to complete his number puzzle and can do this in sequence from 1 to 10.  Jacob now likes to play with computerised toys and in particular likes to add the missing letters in a spelling game. He is really good at this and identifies the correct missing letters most of the time.

Jacob enjoys watching his carer blow bubbles, showing his delight with a huge smile and lots of giggles!

Jacob has started to enjoy playing with water and will direct this play himself by getting a stool so he can reach the kitchen sink.


Jacob is now learning to enjoy playing outdoors, he enjoys water play and loves looking at the trees and plants in his garden. Jacob has no stranger danger and needs supervision from his carer at all times.

Jacob learned to walk much earlier than some health professionals anticipated and he can now run and has just learnt to navigate walking up the stairs at home however, he still needs support going down stairs.

Jacob will sit and listen to a story (although he does not understand some of the words), he likes flicking the pages of the book and he can take the carers finger and point it to a letter.

Jacob is a very good sleeper going to bed at 7:30pm and waking at 7:00am. Jacob loves snuggling with his cuddly toy in his cosy cot.  

Jacob is not a particularly good eater and he has a very limited diet. Having said that, he loves chocolate (what toddler doesn’t!) and has a taste for a wide variety of fruit including apples, oranges and pears. He likes to choose a piece of fruit himself and take it from the fruit bowl independently.

Jacob currently needs support from his foster carer to enable him to eat a meal, but he is able to feed himself with finger foods. If Jacob doesn’t like something that is presented to him, he will let his carer know!

Whilst caring for Jacob has its challenges, it is also highly rewarding and the foster carer gets lots of pleasure when he makes progress and smiles his gorgeous smile.

Jacob’s Health Needs

Jacob has global development delay but is making good progress in terms of physical development as well as demonstrating a real ability to learn

Jacob has no verbal communication skills at present but he has recently seen a speech and language therapist and he is now using picture recognition. This is a significant development for Jacob and his first exploration of communication, his foster carer is really excited about this step forward for Jacob!

Jacob’s full health needs will be discussed with any potential family.


What’s important to Jacob?

A calm and quiet environment with familiar people and objects to make him feel comfortable and settled.

Good planned routines Jacob struggles with any change to his routine and requires good planned routines and predictability in his daily life.

A quiet home Jacob is sensitive to many different noises and will cover his ears with his hands to let his carer know he doesn’t like it.




We are looking for a family who have or who are willing to develop the following skills & qualities:

  • Able to accept Jacob for who he is, his emerging personality, developments and changing likes and dislikes and to manage uncertainty in future development.
  • A one or two parent family, we are proud members of New Family Social and encourage enquiries from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Jacob’s future family must be able to nurture and care for Jacob until adulthood and beyond and demonstrate a sensitivity about the world in which he lives.

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire.

We will offer full training and ongoing support, to any family approved for Jacob and the local authority are open to considering a financial support package to help with the practical aspect of caring for Jacob.

To find out more about Jacob contact the Bespoke Family Finding Service via email: or complete our online form here or contact the service on: Tel 0300 123 1066 quoting your interest in ‘Jacob’

 The Bespoke Family Finding Service is delivered in partnership by Adoption Matters & Caritas Care.