Introducing, Ben

Ben is a sociable, affectionate, caring 5 year old boy with a happy and outgoing personality and a real a love of the outdoors.

All about Ben

Ben is well mannered, polite, chatty, loving, affectionate boy who  likes praise and hugs. He is so sociable that he will always say ‘good morning’ and ‘hello’ to people on his way to school or when he is out for a walk.


Ben has settled very well in his foster home which has enabled his happy and outgoing personality to really shine.  He is full of fun and is a bundle of energy from the moment he wakes until he closes his eyes at bedtime.

He is developing a good sense of humour and is beginning to laugh easily.  He has made significant progress with his speech and language and he is now beginning to enjoy joining in conversations.

Ben is also a caring little boy, he will empathise with his school friends if they are hurt or upset. He has a best friend and they both are a bundle of fun and energy together.

Ben has made excellent progress in a relatively short time, he used to have a need to be fully in control of his environment. When feeling insecure he would become aggressive and have temper tantrums similar to those of a much younger child. With assertive and sensitive care, he  has been able to stop some of these behavioural traits and his wonderful personality has started to emerge.


What does Ben like?

Ben just loves silliness, when his carer pulls funny faces or pretends to bump into things Ben will have a real good laugh!  He is a real outdoors boy and is at his happiest when he’s out having long walks (he can easily walk two to three miles) with his foster family and their dog.  He also enjoys riding his bike and  going to the park.



Ben also loves his cars and trains and has a good imagination, he can often be heard chattering away to his toys and he loves messy play too, such as water, sand and colouring and drawing.

Ben  enjoys TV and his favourites programmes are Thomas the Tank Engine, Paw Patrol and the Night Garden to name but a few. He loves dancing and is full of laughter when dancing to the hits with his foster family.

He knows most nursery rhymes and is happy to sing along.  His current favourite toy is his iPad,  he is really good at working out the various challenges of games and puzzles.

Ben is very sociable and affectionate, he is enthusiastic when meeting new people and accepts people as being his friend from the onset.  The downside to this is Ben would happily walk off with somebody whilst chatting so his foster carers are educating him about talking to strangers and how to stay safe.

Ben is happy in the company of both children and adults and he will also quite happily play on his own.



Ben’s best buddy is Ted the family pet dog who is an airdale terrier.  Ben and Ted get along really well and he is very confident around him even though Ted is as big as him! Due to Ben’s confidence with Ted he can be over friendly with all dogs and he needs reminders about the possible dangers.

Ben does not like loud or unexpected noises, he is cautious about using noisy items such as hand dryers in public toilets. Ben is also frightened of the Police, this could be linked to his early experiences and his foster family are working to help him overcome this fear.

Ben sleeps well waking around 6am, he then plays with his teddies until his carers wake at around 7am and he will have a healthy breakfast which he will happily eat himself with no support. If it’s a school day, he will walk to school and at weekends the family go for long walks with Ben’s buddy, Ted the dog!

When Ben arrives home from an outing or school, he will sit at the kitchen table and have a snack and drink and often tells his carer she ‘is the best cook’ even if she has only opened a packet!

Ben really enjoys his food and he will get quite excited when his meal is ready especially if it is his favourite such as pizza, egg and toast or beans on toast. He will try a wide range of foods, including strong tastes such as mustard and horseradish sauce. He enjoys a healthy diet and he is quite happy eating  fruit for snacks and having chocolate or sweets as an occasional treat.

When Ben first moved in with his foster family, he was worried about when his next meal would be and would look in the cupboards for food, he could also become frustrated.  Ben has made excellent progress with his food intake and he is beginning to understand when he is full. He has excellent manners and will always say please and thank you when asking or receiving food.

Ben at School

Before Ben moved in with his foster family he experienced several nursery moves. But he has now enjoyed the continuity of pre-school, progressing onto full time school in September 2018. He enjoys school and will ask every day if he is going and is a well liked member of his class. Ben is making good progress and he is benefiting from speech and language sessions and additional tuition in reading/writing and phonics within school.

Ben’s teacher described him as having the potential to progress, he is an enthusiastic member of the class who always tries his best and likes to please.

Ben enjoys school outings and is now starting to share toys within school and has empathy for others who are hurt or sad. These are new skills that Ben has developed since starting school.


Ben has made significant progress in all areas since being in care. His speech, language and communication has improved and this has enabled him to progress with his emotional and behavioural development. He can still have tantrums similar to those expected from a child of much younger years but he is beginning to learn to regulate his emotions.



Ben has a squint in his left eye and is monitored by the orthoptist. He has responded to encouragement and he is now happy to wear his glasses for extended periods.

The ideal family for Ben would be…


  • A family with high energy levels who enjoy the outdoors.
  • A single parent family with extensive support network.
  • Two parent family, this can be male or female.
  • Ideally one parent who can stay at home as a full-time carer or work around school hours.
  • Strong support network around the adoptive parents.
  • Able to provide high levels of emotional warmth within a predictable and safe environment.
  • Experience of working with or caring for children either in a professional or personal capacity.
  • Empathy and understanding around impact of neglect and trauma.
  • Willingness to be able to support Ben to continue with his developmental progress.
  • Ability to parent therapeutically, training will be provided.
  • Willingness to complete training to gain an understanding of attachment and the implications of this for Ben and his relationships.
  • Willingness to undertake a wide range of training to support Ben throughout his childhood and beyond.
  • Understanding of the importance of promoting birth family heritage.
  • Maintain some form of contact with previous foster carer.
  • Promote indirect contact with birth family members as stated within Ben’s adoption plan to assist him in understanding his identity and heritage.
  • Ben likes animals, especially dogs so would enjoy a family with pets!


You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Ben. We will offer full training and ongoing support, including possible financial support, to any family approved for Ben.

To find out more about Ben contact the Bespoke Family Finding Service via email: or complete our online form here or contact the service on: Tel 0300 123 1066 quoting your interest in ‘Ben’.

The Bespoke Family Finding Service is delivered in partnership by Adoption Matters & Caritas Care.