Barney and Mason – Aged 6 and 3

Barney (5) and Mason (3) are brothers who have always lived together, and want to stay together. They have two older sisters who have been adopted, and a younger brother whose plan is adoption. Sadly, the three boys cannot be placed together because of their different needs.

Barney is full of energy and likes to be outdoors as much as he can. He can be strong willed, and knows his own mind. He struggles to concentrate at school, and is having extra help.

Mason is quieter, he likes to have one to one activities such as craft and singing nursery rhymes. Mason is speaking a few words, and has been referred to a speech therapist.

The children came into care nine months ago because of chronic neglect in their earlier childhood. Their birth parents both have additional learning needs and failed to meet the children’s needs due to their lack of understanding.

Note: This profile is an example of some of the children we are currently family finding for and are not real children waiting. We do feature ‘real’ children’s profiles from time to time so please do continue to follow our pages for updates.

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