Meet Aaron and Leon

Over half of all the children waiting for adoption in England have brothers, sisters or both. Aaron (8) and Leon (4) are brothers currently waiting for an adoptive family;  this family could be you! 

Aaron and Leon would benefit from a one or two parent family who are:


  • Patient
  • Affectionate
  • Warm and nurturing
  • Able to provide consistent routines and boundaries
  • Active and have a love of the outdoors

Aaron and Leon have a lovely bond as brothers, sharing a number of common interests and hobbies such as:


  • Outdoor sports and ball games
  • Drawing and colouring
  • Lego
  • Playing outside on their scooters and bikes
  • A love of animals
  • Singing (and making up their own songs too!) and playing on their guitars
  • Listening to music…especially George Ezra!


Aaron and Leon are very thoughtful of each other and enjoy spending time together, cuddling up on the sofa watching CBeebies.  Aaron likes to help Leon get ready for bed; he will give him a cuddle before tucking him in. 

Aaron and Leon love to laugh and joke with each other, they both have a good sense of humour.


A bit about Aaron…

Aaron is the eldest of the two brothers and is very active.  He is described as a polite, gentle, calm and loving little boy.

Aaron loves anything to do with Rugby, he loves it so much he has his bedroom decorated with a Rugby theme!  He talks constantly about it and attends Rugby practice twice a week.

Aaron is currently working below the level of his peers at school. He can sometimes struggle to concentrate and can become fidgety at times, however he does work well when reminded!  Aaron receives one-to-one support within the classroom to help him with this and has a support plan in place. This term (Autumn 2019), Aaron is doing really well and his reading has much improved.



Aaron enjoys a wide variety of activities, including playing the guitar, joining in with PE at school, playing on his tablet (computer) and playing with cars.  He also likes to watch TV     and his favourite film is The Croods.

Aaron takes pride in his appearance and his clothes.  His favourites are his Rugby kits!

Aaron’s foster carer describes him as sociable. He enjoys company and interaction with both children and adults. He has a cheeky smile, likes simple jokes and enjoys slapstick humour. 

Aaron likes to be helpful and responds well to praise. He likes to know when he’s done well!





A bit about Leon

The younger of the two brothers, Leon also enjoys cuddles, laughing, joking and playing with his older brother.  He’s quite a little character with a very funny sense of humour!

Leon has an outgoing personality and is very sociable and chatty.  He is able to engage with adults and communicate his feelings.  He’s described as a happy, loving and bright little boy.

Leon started school in September 2019, prior to this he attended the local nursery part time on a daily basis.  He is settling in well.

Leon loves tidying up and will role play jobs around the house.  He enjoys being part of a family and plays well with the foster carers’ grandchildren when they visit. He also enjoys watching DVD’s and his favourite is Dumbo.



It is evident that Aaron and Leon care for each other a great deal.  They really look after each other, for example, if one is getting something to eat or drink from the kitchen, they will always bring some back for the other.

Aaron and Leon eat well and have a balanced diet; they particularly like a Sunday dinner or a spicy curry!

Aaron and Leon are both in good health.  Aaron wears glasses for reading and writing.  

They respond well to routines and structure in their day and both sleep well.  

Aaron and Leon have responded well to nurture and are very loving.  They enjoy being around people and have formed a lovely relationship with their foster carers, who speak about them with great affection. Aaron and Leon enjoy family life. 

Aaron and Leon really want to stay together,  they are family and the only people in the world who can truly understand their story the way they do. We couldn’t possibly tell you everything about these two brothers here, but what we can tell you is that they deserve a loving family to call their own from now until…forever!

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Aaron and Leon. We will support you along the way and provide any training you need.

We welcome expressions of interest from individuals, couples or families who feel they can offer Aaron and Leon a forever home through adoption.  We are proud members of New Family Social and we welcome enquiries from the LGBTQ community.

Our ultimate aim is to find Aaron and Leon a family they can call their own and we are looking to achieve this through Adoption or Foster to Adopt routes. 

To find out more about Aaron & Leon contact the Bespoke Family Finding Service via email: or complete our online form here or contact the service on: Tel 01925 534 118 quoting your interest in ‘Aaron & Leon’

 The Bespoke Family Finding Service is delivered in partnership by Adoption Matters & Caritas Care