National Adoption Week: Answering your questions with Matt Barbet and Mark Owers

This National Adoption Week, campaign supporter Matt Barbet sits down with Mark Owers, expert in the field, and Chair of the National Adoption Recruitment Steering Group, to answer your questions on adoption. As a registered social worker, Mark is passionate about improving outcomes for children, young people and families, and is also the Director of Safeguarding and Care and Chief Social Worker for the Government of Jersey. Mark advises the Department for Education on looked after children, stability and permanence, and is the Government’s adviser on the regionalising adoption programme. Mark has two adopted children of his own, so knows both professionally and personally the ins and outs and ups and downs of the adoption journey.

This episode comes at the start of National Adoption Week, with You Can Adopt this year focusing on modern adoption by raising awareness and generating a better understanding of the different experiences in the adoption process. This will be done through an honest exploration of the many voices of those whose lives have been impacted by adoption and involved in finding loving and safe homes for children – from adopters, adopted adults and children to birth families and social workers. Through championing those stories less told, the campaign aims to educate and inform people on the adoption process today from all aspects and perspectives.

In the episode, Mark talks about the adoption process, eligibility, matching and contact with birth families as well as how adoption has changed and improved over the last decade, and why it is so important that all voices of those impacted by adoption are heard.

You can find more details of the new campaign at,including a new film featuring real life stories from an adopted child, adopted adult, adoptive parents, a birth mother, social worker, and a family member who watched loved ones go through the process. Featuring the real voices of the people depicted, the short film brings to life their stories with animated illustrations by artist and adoptive parent, Garry Parsons.