Black Identity, Culture and Belonging in Adoption with Jimmy Akingbola

This You Can Adopt podcast is hosted by actor Jimmy Akingbola.

In his 2022 ITV documentary ‘Handle with Care’, Jimmy explores his journey through the care system, and his experience of being fostered long-term by a white British family – particularly around themes of identity, the importance of role models, and cultural connection.

In this episode, Jimmy speaks to Sarah Livingstone, a foster carer and chair of the Camden Association for Foster Carers. She has played an instrumental role in many policy changes, including the creation and distribution of Replenish Boxes alongside her colleague James Kargbo – which were created to ensure that Black children will be able to access the right products for their hair and skin. They also offer training workshops around identity and culture.

Adopters are in greatest demand for brother and sister groups, older children, children with additional and/or complex needs and children from Black and mixed heritage backgrounds. Children from these groups represent 59% of all children waiting to be adopted. Black children wait on average two months longer to be adopted.

Jimmy and Sarah openly discuss their own experiences of adoption and long term foster care. They particularly focus on Black and mixed-heritage children in the care system, the support those children need and encourage more people from the Black community to consider adoption.