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Adoption Matters has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted inspectors for the fifth consecutive time, the only adoption service in the UK to achieve this.

Pictured right: Members of the Adoption Matters Senior Management Team. Top to Bottom: Paul Dolan, Head of Service – Adoption North, Susy White, Chief Executive Officer, Karen Davies, Finance and Business Service Manager, Jacqui Shore, Head of Service – Adoption South, Anne Fleming, Head of Service – Adoption Support

The ONLY adoption service in the UK to achieve 5 in a row!

The latest adoption inspection rating means that Adoption Matters is now the ONLY adoption service in the UK to achieve 5 in a row. It also means that the organisation has been rated outstanding for 15 years, receiving their first rating in January 2008. In making their judgment inspectors had to consider the experiences of children and families the agency works with, taking into account how well they are helped and protected and also the effectiveness of leaders and managers. They also considered the experiences of local authorities and regional adoption agencies who work closely with the organisation.


Susy White, CEO commented:

“We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection. We are also proud that Ofsted recognises the dedication and expertise of our staff  together with our commitment to ongoing support, something we have been offering for some time.

To be the only adoption service in the country to achieve 5 outstanding ratings in a row, for 15 years, is a true testament to the amazing team we have here at Adoption Matters.

I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to all the children, young people and families who spoke to the inspectors during our inspection, your kind words really do mean a lot to everyone here at Adoption Matters.”

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Our families said:

Adopters said that they feel exceptionally well supported. They value the individual relationships they have with staff and with the agency.

Feedback from adopters included:

‘Our social worker is exceptional, and we have felt extremely supported during a very intense process.’

‘From the start to the finish, our social worker went above and beyond for us.’

‘Everyone is thorough and professional, but with a personal touch.’

‘Our experience has been faultless. Everyone from Adoption Matters has been outstanding.’


Comments from Ofsted:

  • The agency’s commitment to inclusivity is also evident, ensuring that potential applicants are confident to proceed to the next step with the agency.
  • Access to adoption support is impressive. The agency has a specialist adoption support service (Centre for Adoption Support) which is proactive in ensuring that the right support is available when it is needed.
  • The service offers a range of support initiatives, (including) more intensive packages of sensory processing support, delivered by occupational therapists, and individualised therapeutic parenting support.

Ofsted commented:

  • The staff team is passionate, committed and child-centred and staff said that they feel very connected to Adoption Matters.
  • Adoption Matters is ambitious and there is a strong appetite for continued innovation to ensure that the agency continues to meet the needs of the children waiting for adoptive families.
  • Adoption Matters is a learning organisation, using feedback and challenge to drive forward improvement.
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