National Adoption Week

17 October 2016
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People in the North West are significantly more likely to know an adopted person than those living in any other region of England according to a new survey. The YouGov poll commissioned by national adoption information service, First4Adoption, reveals that 43% of North Westerners have a friend, colleague or neighbour who was adopted as a child. Those living in the region also scored highly when it came to having an adopted person in their family. 20% said that someone within their close family circle had adopted a child or children. The research, published today to mark National Adoption Week (17-23rd October), is part of a campaign to promote a wider understanding of adoption and to encourage adopters to come forward for children currently waiting for “forever families”.



Adoption Matters Chief Executive, Norman Goodwin, CBE says, “As this new survey shows, adoption is part of all our lives. Whether it’s within our own family, in our neighbourhood, at work, or at school, we all know someone who’s been touched by adoption. Our aim, this National Adoption Week, is to dispel some of those stubborn myths that cling to adoption and to invite everyone, whatever their adoption connection to find out more by contacting us to find out more”


A total of 4,690 looked after children were adopted in 2016, compared to 5,360 in 2015, representing a fall of 12%, the latest government* figures reveal. This fall comes at a time when the number of children in care has increased by 1%.



Norman Goodwin CBE commented: “There is a misconception that there isn’t any children waiting for adoption, that isn’t true, there are currently just over 2,000 children waiting for a family right now in England & Wales. Children over the age of 4, sibling groups, children from a BME background and children with additional needs wait the longest and we want to help change that”.



Chris and his wife Pauline adopted twice through Adoption Matters, two children 20+ years ago, a son and a daughter who are now 22 and 26 and again 4 and half years ago when they adopted (transracially as he and his wife are White British the boys are Black British) a sibling group of 3 boys who were then aged 5, 6 and 7.  The family also have two adult birth children.



Luke and his partner Sam adopted sibling boys aged 4 & 6 in 2015. They commented: “The first 6 months were life changing. We initially struggled with our decision particularly because it was extremely difficult and although we had been prepared, nothing could prepare us for how we felt, the exhaustion and the emotions. Now, we would not change it for the world. We have our ups and downs like any family  however when we see how significantly they have improved in every aspect of life, particularly at school, communication, dealing with new experiences and when we  tuck our boys into bed at night and they say “I love you Dad and Daddy”, it makes it all worth it”.



Adoption Matters cover the whole of the North West, North Wales, Yorkshire & Humber and Stoke & Staffordshire. For more information about adoption, contact us now on 0300 123 1066 or enquire online


For all press enquiries contact Jenny MacQuire, Marketing Manager or call 01244 390 938.