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Webinar – You and Your Support Network

We understand that many adopted children can face challenges as a result of early life experiences and sometimes, children, their families, schools and all those around them need help to understand and meet those challenges.


You and Your Support Network is a webinar workshop of 2 hours for adopters and people from their family and friends support network to meet with our team and discuss the attachment cycle, the effect on the child’s Inner Working  Model of good attachment experiences, poor attachment experiences, the losses for adopted children, guidance and practical advice for family and friends when the child is placed.


There are also exercises whereby the adopters’ network group can get together to consider how they can provide support, using case studies.


Please note, our webinar workshops are open for Adoption Matters families and RAA families that are currently receiving support from CfAS only. To secure your place, please click below and complete our short form advising which course you are interested in.  Thank you.




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Click here to enquire