Concurrent Planning – a different route to adoption

16 May 2016
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Our Concurrent Planning Service, run in partnership with Caritas Care, have released some new videos giving an insight into concurrent planning from some of our own concurrent carers.  The service, the ONLY one of its kind in the North West, offers an exciting and creative opportunity to minimise disruption to young children.


Concurrent carers perform the role of foster carer while the courts decide whether or not a child can return to its birth family.  During this time the children see their parents regularly and the concurrent carers support the birth family’s efforts to regain the care for their child.


If the courts decide that the birth parents have shown they can be reliable, able and loving parents, the children will be returned to their care. The concurrent carers will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have given these children the best possible start in life by providing care and security from the earliest time, and will help them settle back into their family.


However, if the courts decide that the child’s parents cannot provide the security and care they need, and there are no alternative carers from within the birth family, the child will remain with their concurrent carer/s and be adopted by them.


Why choose Concurrent care?  ‘Because it puts the child at the centre’ Kim advises more here.

All videos are available to watch here


For more information on the NW Concurrent Planning Service visit our partnership website at