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Adoption Matters has joined forces with a group of Voluntary Adoption Agencies across the UK to encourage potential adopters to consider adopting children who wait the longest.

Brothers and sisters who need to stay together, children aged 4 and over, children with additional needs and children from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and religions wait the longest for adoption. Adoption Matters has a wealth of experience in adoption and offer a friendly, outstanding service in supporting you through the adoption process and beyond from the first weeks of placement through to support to our adopted adults.


Adoption Matters Chief Executive, Norman Goodwin, CBE commented: “We place children with a diverse range of needs and from a diverse range of backgrounds. What they all have in common is the need for individuals and families to put their needs first and to offer them a safe, nurturing and loving home so they can flourish.

We have always offered lifelong support to our children and families from their first weeks of placement through to support as an adopted adult. We are here for you as long as you need us and we know that is vital to the success of any adoption”.


The latest statistics from the Department of Education show that of the 2,030 children currently waiting for adoption across the UK:

  • Of the 2,030 children waiting, 1,320 of them were aged 5 or over, had a disability, were from a black, Asian or other ethnic background, or had siblings – that’s 65%, or a large majority, of all children waiting to be adopted
  • Of those 1,320 children, 800 of them had been in care for 18 months or longer
  • The average number of days spent waiting to be placed for adoption since entering care for all 2,030 children was 647 days at the end of September 2020 – an increase of 77 days from September 2019

Furthermore, black children wait longer to be placed with an adoptive family, 46% of all children wait 18+ months, but at 31st Dec 2019(2) : 69% of Black Caribbean children (28-month average wait) 61% of Black African (24-month average wait) 60% of White/Black African (21-month average wait).

Children waiting for adoption are placed in foster care which provides them with a nurturing, safe and loving home on a temporary basis. Foster care can also sometimes involves multiple placements and moves for children. For a child of any age entering care is a traumatic experience, waiting, with the uncertainty of their future, for nearly 2 years is a shocking statistic.

If you have thought about adoption, we ask you to consider this group of children and how they too deserve a stable and caring forever home through adoption.


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