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Adoption Matters Child Focussed Family Building Service works in partnership with Local Authorities and Regional Adoption Agencies across the UK to help identify families for children who wait longer. These include children with additional needs, sibling groups, single children aged over 4, children from dual and diverse heritage and children with experience of sexual abuse.


Our specialist child focussed family building team work directly with RAA/LA workers to understand the specific needs of the children waiting. Our service doesn’t just offer an advertising and profiling service, we find and prepare the right family to meet the needs of the child.

We search for families within Adoption Matters existing adopters both approved and those currently in the enquiry / assessment process as well as campaigns targeting the general public through specific tailored marketing campaigns. Each child or sibling group is unique offering a bespoke campaign.

A professional video and photographs are included as standard and we use a range of marketing methods to feature children on our website, through our partner organisations, our social media platforms and through PR and events.

The information available is honest and accurate providing a snapshot of the child’s personality, likes, dislikes and the type of family required.

The personal, bespoke approach that works.

We know that this works: the holistic approach with the child at the centre helps show their personality, which allows potential families to make those early emotional connections.

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The service brings together:

* Child-centred recruitment campaigns
* Experienced social work support
* Assessment, preparation & approval
* Access to ongoing innovative, bespoke support

Our experienced marketing team have proven success in finding families for children with complex needs.

Child-Centred Recruitment

Through the child preparation work the information gathered ensures that we have an increased awareness of what the child needs now and what may be required in the future and this shapes the family finding activity.

Families can also be assured that they have the skill set and qualities needed to parent the child they are responding to.

Our experienced marketing team know that child-specific ‘advertising’ needs to be carried out in a sensitive and secure manner which is closely monitored. We will keep you informed at every stage, reporting what has worked well and we will be honest with you about what hasn’t. We will provide you with detailed regular reports of enquiries received and if appropriate, reasons why the enquiries were not fruitful.


Preparing Children

Preparing children for the planned move onto permanency is a vital step in the process of helping children on their journey before moving into their new family. From experience, we know this process helps the child in making sense of their situation at their own pace and that better preparation makes for better (permanent) outcomes.

Innovative, bespoke adoption support – We work closely with families, schools and other professionals to offer a holistic approach to adoption support offering a wealth of training, support, activities and peer to peer support through our buddy scheme. The child is at the heart of everything we do which is why we don’t have a set list of options, each support plan is bespoke and tailored to the child’s and adopters’ needs.


Interested in finding out more about Child Focused Family Building? Email us and a member of the team will be in touch with you. If you could please include some brief details of the child or children you are family finding for that would assist us.


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