Plus one and invite the family too!

13 August 2021
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We understand the importance of having support, that’s why we allow our single adopters to bring a ‘plus one’ to all of our Centre for Adoption Support training courses, webinars and events free of charge.

Families today come in all shapes and sizes, but we understand that it can sometimes be daunting to attend a new event alone. That’s we thought it was important to make sure all of our single parents know they can bring along a friend for support to all of our webinars and events for that much needed morale support.

Our webinars can also be accessed by your friends and family for just £15 per person. Helping those close to you understand more about adoption, the reasons children enter care and how to support your children can really help families now and in the future.

Our webinars are free of charge for Adoption Matters families and Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) families that are currently receiving support from the Centre for Adoption Support. If you are an adopter, special guardian, foster carer from a different agency or a family member or friend of an adoptive family, the cost to attend our webinars is £15 per person.

Click here to view our full list of Centre for Adoption Support events and book your place.