Adopter videos

15 September 2016
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Adopters videos


Earlier this year, Adoption Matters & our partners at Caritas Care worked together on a video project to capture the voices of six different adopters, three from each agency, who had all adopted children deemed ‘hard to place’.  The term ‘hard to place’ is used in adoption to describe children who fall into the following categories:


  • children who are aged 4 years old
  • sibling groups
  • children from a black or minority ethnic background
  • children with additional health and or emotional needs


Children who fall into any of these categories wait the longest for an adoptive family, we want to help change that could you?


Together, we wanted to show through conversations with our adopters, that you don’t need to be superhuman or special to adopt an older child or a child with additional needs.  What you do need is patience, resilience and as our adopters say, a good sense of humour.


Adoption Matters has a proven and successful track record of placing children from a range of backgrounds.  With the expert on-going support & training we offer through our therapy service and our Centre for Adoption Support, we have one of the lowest disruption rates in the UK.


But don’t take it from us, have a listen to some of our adopters.   (The below video is 15 minutes long, shorter clips are available in our video section and on our YouTube channel)


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