Back to School Sensory Survival Kit by Sensory Integration Education

4 August 2023

Back to School Sensory Survival Kit Our Centre for Adoption Support works with many children who have sensory processing differences. Sensory Processing differences affect how your brain processes sensory information (stimuli). Sensory information includes things that you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. SPD can affect all of your senses, or just one. SPD usually means a person is overly sensitive to stimuli that other people are not.

We know that going back to school can be an exciting time for many children, but for some children with additional needs and sensory processing differences, it can be a stressful time. After a summer of being free of a school uniform, it is time to go back to wearing a uniform and school shoes which can be very uncomfortable for children with sensory processing differences.

Our team from the Centre for Adoption Support have shared a really informative and useful guide from the Sensory Integration Education with many of our families. You can download the guide here: Back to School Sensory Survival Kit

More information about the Sensory Integration Education can be found via their website:

Adoption Matters is passionate about developing freely available resources through our Centre for Adoption Support so that knowledge from our skilled and experienced team can be passed to families and professionals working with children and young people. Our online training video covering the topic of Sensory Modulation is available to view through the following link:

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