Adoption Matters joins Yorkshire Consortium One Adoption

24 April 2015
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The expertise and support available to would-be adopters from Yorkshire’s adoption recruitment consortium, One Adoption, has been strengthened this week following the addition of Adoption Matters to the consortium’s membership.


Children’s charity and leading voluntary adoption agency, Adoption Matters specialises in adoption and adoption support and has been finding permanent families for waiting children, including many sibling groups, for nearly 70 years.


With one of the lowest disruption rates of any adoption agency in the UK, it  has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for their last three consecutive inspections and was named Voluntary Adoption Agency of the Year by BAAF in 2012 and 2014.


Adoption Matters is a pioneer in collaborating with other adoption organisations and consortia and is the co-founder of the highly respected Centre for Adoption Support in Cheshire.


The Centre was set up with Caritas Care and provides highly-specialised support to enable young people to have a smooth transition into their new family.


The new relationship with One Adoption coincides with Adoption Matters’ significant expansion from its traditional North West area into Yorkshire, Shropshire and the Midlands.


“We’re delighted to be part of an organisation such as Being Family where all members share the common aim and commitment to find stable, sustainable, long-term families for children,” said Adoption Matters’ Chief Executive Norman Goodwin.


“This new relationship also provides the opportunity to add our own unique skills, services and experiences for the benefit of adopter families across the Yorkshire and Humber region,” he added.


The Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium launched in the early 1990s to help local authorities find new families for children. They run and support many projects and adoption initiatives – Being Family being one of them.


Membership now include all 15 local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber area and the three voluntary adoption agencies working in the area.


Adoption Matters offer adoption support services and recruit adopters across the whole of the Yorkshire & Humber region.  For more information, contact us on 0300 123 1066 or complete our online form.