Why choose a Voluntary Adoption Agency?

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Anyone looking to adopt can choose to enquire through their local authority, a regional adoption agency or a voluntary adoption agency (VAA) like Adoption Matters.

Voluntary adoption agencies are independent, not-for-profit organisations which are smaller than most statutory agencies and offer a personalised service to adopters from all backgrounds.  Adoption Matters is also a registered children’s charity. Here, five adopters talk about why they chose a VAA for their adoption journey.


As a voluntary adoption agency, Adoption Matters works in partnership with local authorities and regional adoption agencies across the whole of the UK to find families for children in care who are unable to stay with their birth relatives.  This means we have a much wider ‘pool’ of children that our teams work with to look for the very best match for both them and for our families.


Tom & Amy

“We looked around at a few different agencies, both local authority and voluntary agencies but it was from Adoption Matters that we got that sense of personalised support and the interest in us. It felt like our social worker was entirely in our corner and they didn’t have any agenda or priorities of their own, they were just solely focused on making the best match they could for both the children and also for us.”

Adoption Matters adopters Tom & Amy, who adopted their three daughters aged 2, 3 and 5 years old.

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Kevin & Deb

Kevin & Deb adopted siblings and then again for the second time, they adopted their daughter who had additional needs.  Adopting when Deb was in her fifties and Kevin in his sixties.

“When you work with a voluntary adoption agency you are there as an adopter for the children who are right for you and the local authorities, quite rightly and quite understandably, initially focus only on their own children within that local authority and therefore you are not privvy to all the different children that could just be the right children for you”  Deb



Zoe adopted her son aged 5, he was from a different part of the country.

“Adoption is an amazing thing. It’s a tough process, but it has to be a tough process as this is a child’s life.

Every day brings a new adventure, something else that’s funny or he’s learning something, it’s amazing. Do it!”


Annemarie & Bill

Annemarie and Bill adopted three daughters aged 2, 3 and 4 years old.

The Voluntary Agency welcomed us as part of their family. The support we got from them was amazing as well, I could phone up with something that sounded so silly to me, but to them it wasn’t.  That was our biggest gift, knowing that we weren’t alone”. Annemarie

“They should be taking credit for our girls as well as us”. Bill



Rhi adopted a 5 year old daughter.

“We wanted a family and not necessarily a baby.

We created a family, our own little family, but we feel like we’re part of that wider Voluntary Adoption Agency family aswell”.


Want to know more?

Attend one of our adoption information events where you will have chance to hear from our friendly team and some of our own adopters. Our events are hosted online twice a month, every month. Click the link below to register your interest.

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