Thomas, age 4, is a sweet natured, happy and determined little boy whose personality is developing more every day to form his own little character. He is a real little chatterbox and loves a good giggle.

Thomas’ foster carer describes him as ‘’determined and daring, wanting to try everything and give it a go’’. His foster carer says he doesn’t want to be treated ‘softly’ or wrapped up in cotton wool, he just wants to join in everything possible.

When outdoors, he loves to go on the swings in the park, in his little tikes car in the garden or on the trampoline. His favourite activity is shopping with his foster carer. He just loves to be out and about, taking in the activity, colours and sounds as well as adding the odd thing to the trolley on the way around the supermarket!

Thomas loves to play and enjoys driving his toy cars into and out of the garage, or filling up a bucket with his blocks and tipping them all out again with a smile. He likes playing with his dolls house and small dolls. He loves a snuggle and a story, looking at the pictures and listening to his foster carer read to him. Thomas likes to do pictures on his drawing board and enjoys messy play with paints, sand or water. He loves Peppa Pig and Bing on TV and would watch them constantly if allowed to!  He knows the names of the characters and can tell you what happens in lots of the episodes.

Thomas has a great sense of humour and an infectious smile. He enjoys giddiness and silly play and will get into fits of laughter making everyone around him smile. He likes playing hide and seek and will pull a blanket over his head saying “I’m not here” “You can’t find Thomas”  giggling lots when his foster carer  says “where’s Thomas?” and finds him for a tickle.

Thomas likes splashing in the swimming pool and he loved the waves in the sea on holiday and the feel of the pebbles under his feet. He was really happy spending time on the beach, playing in the sand and enjoying the movement of it through his fingers.  On holiday Thomas made the most of the safe space to crawl and showed his adventurous spirit, pulling himself along speedily. Although he looked back a couple of times just to check, he was not worried about crawling quite a long way from his carer.

Thomas was also eager to try out the bouncy castle and the small fairground rides on his summer holiday, his favourite was the merry go round, where he sat in the Fire Truck or the Car holding on tight to the wheel, and not wanting to let go when his foster carer tried to take him off:  He just wanted to ride again and again and was fascinated by the arcades and in particular the grabber machine where he was very pleased to win a toy!  


Thomas is generally happy to go along with most things suggested, but he is now starting to let his carer know when he doesn’t want to do something. He will protest by saying “no, I don’t want to” or sometimes shouting. His foster carer described all of this as easy to manage and not lasting long, but a pleasing sign that he is beginning to know what he wants, and know his own mind. He follows instructions well, but is also starting to negotiate and make his own suggestions.

Thomas doesn’t often get upset, but maybe shows this more as frustration: He can make his feelings known to his foster carer when needed, however.  He doesn’t seem to react or respond to pain if he hurts or bangs himself, so this needs to be monitored. Thomas will readily accept cuddles or seek out his carer, or her daughter. He and his foster care have a close relationship. Thomas’ current household is busy and he interacts positively with the children and adults alike.


Thomas eats well, enjoying a variety of foods. His favourites would be sausage and mash and toast with butter. He can manage to hold a spoon (one hand has a better grip than the other) and will try to feed himself, but with some foods like porridge and yoghurts he will need to be fed. He is good with finger food. Thomas has a chair which supports him, when sitting up to the table.

Thomas doesn’t tire easily in the day but falls asleep quickly at bedtime, after enjoying a play with toys in the bath and a bedtime story before sleep. He has a cosy car shaped bed, with a bed guard and sleeps well, waking around 7.00am. He calls out “I’m awake, I’m up!” and is happy to get ready for school. His foster carer will use this opportunity to do some gentle physiotherapy exercises with him.  Thomas can clean his own teeth and will also try to help when his foster carer is dressing him, but generally needs support with all of his self care. Thomas sometimes rushes his foster carer along saying “are we ready, let’s go” in his eagerness to start the day.

Thomas has just started reception class and has one to one support in school. His key worker supports his individual learning plan as well as undertaking daily physio and managing any care needs.  Thomas knows his colours and he can count up to five. He doesn’t yet recognise numbers or letters. He is talking lots, broadening his vocabulary and sometimes copying phrases he has heard in his favourite TV programmes.

Thomas has four limb cerebral palsy and needs help with most self care tasks, along with some gentle daily exercises which he does at school and at home. Thomas’ adopters will be supported to get to know his daily routine and to meet his needs well.

What type of family does Thomas need?

Thomas needs a family who are able to see and promote his fun loving personality and determined nature, and provide opportunities for him to enjoy life, achieve and take part.  A potential family would need to be committed to working in partnership with a range of professionals as well as attending regular health appointments to meet Thomas’ needs. They will need to be able to support his development with completing physiotherapy exercises at home, and be fit and able enough to manage his physical needs for help with self care and mobility.

We are looking for people who are flexible, accepting, fun and able to advocate for his needs, with a good network of family and friends support. Experience of caring for a child with additional needs, either through volunteering, work or family would be ideal. We wouldn’t discount a single carer, but they would need to have a very flexible and robust support network. We wouldn’t discount a family who have other children either, but again this would depend on individual circumstances and would be likely to be a family with older children. Consideration would need to be given to direct contact with siblings.

If you would like more information on Thomas contact us on Tel: 0300 123 1066 or click here for a free information pack on general adoption.