Katie & Kayla

Introducing Katie and Kayla…

Together Katie and Kayla are two typical sisters close in age, very energetic and physically active.  They have been together all of their lives and have a very strong bond, caring deeply for each other.  Both have been described as having ‘infectious’ personalities!


About Katie, aged 7 years.

The eldest of the two siblings, Katie is a friendly little girl who makes friends easily and has lots of friends in the vicinity of her home. Katie has good social skills and is excitable, energetic, very lively and inquisitive. She is popular with her peers both in and out of school.

Katie is a very busy little girl who participates in and is always excited to attend numerous weekly activities including; Beavers, swimming and football lessons.  Katie really enjoys playing football. She is a member of her local team and is very good at it; she is extremely good at scoring goals and is very modest about it.  She is also making really good progress at swimming and has become more confident in the water.


She loves the outdoors and enjoys playing out on her bike and her scooter.  Katie also adores animals, she always makes a fuss and wants to stroke any dogs she meets, but it’s not just dogs, she loves any animal!  Katie and her sister share this love of animals and would love to be part of a family with pets.

The foster carer describes Katie as a kind and caring little girl.  She is particularly very caring and protective of her younger sister; obviously they do have the occasional typical sibling fall outs!

However it is clear that she has protected and looked after Kayla all of her life and quite often needs to be reminded that she doesn’t have to do this. She is very loving and will often give the foster carers a hug and cuddles and loves to draw pictures for them.

Katie presents as a happy child with a lovely engaging smile.

Katie is generally a happy little girl and likes to please others. She loves helping with jobs such as setting the table for dinner and assisting with household jobs.

At times Katie can become frustrated when things are not going her way, especially with her sister. However when she is challenged about her behaviour, she will always be sorry afterwards and will write a “sorry letter”.  Katie is mostly well behaved and has a good understanding of boundaries. She listens to and responds positively to her carer.

Katie loves to draw and colour and often uses these activities as a way of relaxing. She also enjoys engaging in imaginative play with Kayla, especially pretending to be at school and being different animals.


Katie has a very good routine.  During the week she wakes between 7 and 8am and likes to have her breakfast straight away, her breakfast of choice is a bowl of cereal followed by toast with spread and milk or juice.

After breakfast Katie will get dressed by herself, clean her teeth and have her hair done by her foster carer before she goes to school.  At lunch she enjoys the food provided by school.



After school Katie likes to have a snack of fruit, crisps or a Dairy Lea Snack Pot. She then likes to watch TV, do her homework and have some play time.   She has her tea between 5 – 6pm and has a good appetite; her favourite meals are anything with Chicken and beef in, pasta, burgers, a mix of vegetables, rice and potatoes.  For dessert, she loves sponge custard or rice pudding!

Katie sleeps well and usually goes to bed around 7.30 – 8.00pm after a hot chocolate. She likes to have a bed time story read to her, as this helps settle her to sleep and likes to keep the bedroom door open.

At weekends Katie sleeps in a little longer and likes to watch Television before she gets dressed.

At School

 School has been a struggle for Katie in the past however since she changed in schools in September 2017 she has settled in really well and is making new friends.  No concerns have been raised by the school to date; she has managed the change very well and her concentration has been reported to have improved.  She is working at the expected level for her age and there are no concerns about her academically.



Katie has no specific health complications.  She is a fit and healthy young lady with boundless energy.   She has been prescribed an emollient for eczema by her GP, but this is very mild and doesn’t cause her much discomfort.

If Katie could have her own special wish this would be…

“I would like to have a growing up family that will love and care for me and my sister.  I hope this family will have a pet’” Katie, aged 7


About Kayla, aged 6 years

Kayla is an energetic little girl who is often seen smiling. She loves playing with her dolls and outside with her sister, who she is very close to.

Kayla likes drawing, colouring and playing games. She also enjoys engaging in imaginative play with her sister pretending to be at school and play-acting different animals.

Kayla attends weekly swimming lessons with her sister and really enjoys this. She is on the waiting list for Beavers.


Kayla loves the outdoors and has recently learnt how to ride her bike without stabilisers on and enjoys playing out on this and her scooter.  She can often be seen doing cartwheels and gymnastics in the garden.


Kayla alo adores animals; she loves her foster carer’s cat and likes it when she sleeps on her bed.  Kayla would love a pet, either a rabbit or a dog… or both!  She likes to hold the lead of her neighbour’s dog when out walking and she gets excited when she sees different animals.

Kayla can be very giggly and affectionate but can sometimes seek the attention of adults and is eager to please those around her. She does likes to have quiet time and actively seeks out emotional warmth by sitting very close to her carers for cuddles whilst watching TV.

Kayla likes to wear fashionable clothing, makeup and nail varnish and is very “girlie”. She loves to dress up especially as a princess and have her hair done.

Kayla has age appropriate self-care skills but sometimes needs reminding, like most children her age, to wash her hands after visiting the bathroom. She enjoys bath time and mostly manages by herself but needs help with washing her hair. Kayla can dress herself but sometimes needs help with putting her shoes on the right feet and is unable to tie her shoe laces.

Kayla has recently grown in confidence and where she would look to her older sister when mixing with her peers in the past, she will now happily play outside with them on her own.


Kayla does relate better with adults than she does her peers although this is improving. She has good manners and will tell her sister if she forgets to say please or thank you!


Kayla has struggled to talk about her feelings and would not talk about issues that upset her however, more recently she has begun to open up more with her foster carer, which has been a really positive change in the right direction for her.


Kayla recently went through a period of being unsettled and this led to some deterioration in her behaviour and was predominantly around the time she was changing schools.  This period was short lived and subsided once Kayla had made this transition and became more settled. It is recognised that periods of change can be unsettling for her and she needs support when making these transitions.


Kayla shares a very similar routine to that of her sister and wakes around 7.00-7.30am for school during the week. She will have breakfast, a bowl of cereal followed by toast with spread and milk or juice. After breakfast Kayla will get dressed by herself, clean her teeth and have her hair done by her foster carer.

Kayla has school dinners and finishes school at 3.30pm.  At home after school Kayla enjoys a snack such as fruit or crisps or Dairy Lea Snack Pot. She then likes to watch TV, do homework, play with toys or play out with her friends.

Kayla and her sister like the same foods, but she isn’t keen on spicy dishes.

Kayla sleeps well and usually goes to bed around 7.30-8.00pm after a hot chocolate. She likes to have a bed time story read to her by the carers as this helps settle her to sleep.

At weekends Kayla sleeps in a little longer, waking when she is ready.


Kayla loves school and is vey well behaved.  Although she was nervous at changing schools, she has settled into her new environment quickly and is making new friends.

Kayla is improving academically at school and is working in smaller groups to help her with her Numeracy and Literacy.  She responds well to feedback and although she is behind her peers in her academic attainment, she always wants to do well and tries her absolute best to achieve.  Her teacher believes she will catch up as she is determined to learn.

Kayla has never misbehaved at school, according to them; she is very quiet and does as she is asked. Her behaviour is described as age appropriate and whilst she does have “attitude” and likes to challenge it is within the normal range of a child of a similar age.  The school reports that they have no concerns whatsoever regarding her behaviour.


Kayla is in good health but does suffer from eczema. She occasionally needs to use an emollient cream and the carer doesn’t use scented products in the bath to minimise potential irritation and discomfort to her.  Like her sister, Kayla is in general good health.

If Kayla could have her own special wish this would be…

“I would like to have a growing up family that will spend time with me and my sister and somewhere we can have lots of fun!”

Ideal Family for Katie and Kayla

 Katie and Kayla need warm, nurturing parents who can provide them with firm and consistent boundaries. An ideal family for these two lovely girls would be:

  • Two parent family (heterosexual or same sex)
  • Nurturing
  • Active with a love of the outdoors
  • Have pets and a love of animals
  • Personal or professional experience of parenting
  • Resilient
  • Able to accept uncertainty around background factors
  • Fun, energetic, loving and patient.
  • Willing to access help and support from professionals
  • Motivated to make a difference to a child’s life
  • Realistic in their expectations of a child from a background of trauma
  • Parents who will do their utmost to support Katie and Kayla to achieve their full potential, whatever that may be.

A full support and training will be offered to adopters.

If you would like more information about the girls, please contact us stating Katie & Kayla, on Freephone 0300 123 1066 or complete our short online form here.