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Every year, there are vulnerable children needing a stable, caring home through adoption. Some wait longer than others. We want to help change that. Could you?


Could you open your home and heart to one of the 2,050 children waiting for a family?

Our aim is to find families for children of all ages who, for a variety of reasons, are no longer able to live with their birth families.  Working in partnership with local authority adoption teams across the whole of the UK, we have helped thousands of adopters and children find their forever family. We believe ALL children deserve the chance of a loving, permanent home through adoption wherever possible. Many children wait longer for a family if they are over 4 years old, from a Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) background or have complex needs. Adoption Matters has a successful track record in placing children from a range of backgrounds and the expert ongoing support and training we offer means our adopters are fully supported.We are looking for people from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and beliefs who can adopt one or more children and give them something many of us take for granted – security, stability, love and the opportunity to thrive. To adopt with Adoption Matters you can be married, single, in a civil partnership, divorced, living together or widowed.  What you do need is the willingness and commitment to offer a child or children a loving, caring home in which they can thrive.

You don’t need…

  • special qualifications
  • to own your home
  • have a full time job
  • be in a relationship
  • have children of your own

You do need…

  • understanding
  • acceptance
  • patience
  • a sense of humour
  • time, energy & commitment

What does the process involve?

We have detailed below our adoption process which is covered in two stages.  The adoption journey starts when you first consider adoption and if it is right for you and your family.

  • Children waiting


    The children we find families for are from a wide variety of backgrounds and all have their own different personalities and needs – just like our adopters! However, the biggest need for adopters right now is for children who are over the age of 4, sibling groups, children from a black or minority ethnic background and children with additional needs. We are currently seeking an adoptive family for a brother and sister featured below.

    Lucy adoption Lucy 

Fostering for Adoption

Fostering for Adoption places a child or children with approved adopters who are also approved as foster carers. During the fostering stage of the placement the courts are deciding what is in the child’s best interests but the local council have already decided that adoption is the right plan.  If the courts decide that adoption is in the child’s best interests, the child then stays with their current fostering for adoption carer who then go on to adopt the child.  Child development research consistently shows that the attachments children form early in their lives are crucial to their future development and that disrupting these attachments, particularly early in life, should be avoided. Therefore Fostering for Adoption is a better option for the child as they have fewer moves and carers in their early lives.

What is the difference between Fostering for Adoption and Concurrent Planning?

We also offer a concurrent planning service for young children who are likely to need adoption but whom still have a chance of being reunited with birth family. See:  The main difference between the two is that in Concurrent Planning neither the court nor the local council have yet decided what the best plan for the child is, whereas in Fostering for Adoption the local council has decided that the right plan for the child is adoption, but the court is still yet to decide.   As they are very similar, deciding between Concurrent Planning and Fostering for Adoption can be difficult, but we are here to help you understand both options and will explain both to you in full during our home visit to you. For many adopters, neither are the right choice and the traditional adoption route is preferred but we want to give you all options.

Fostering for Adoption does have risks and you will need to work with the uncertainty of a child returning home. Although this is the exception, carers have told us that although it is painful when a child returns home, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they have given a child love and security when they most needed it and helped a family to be reunited. Download our leaflet here for more information: Fostering for Adoption Information Leaflet


A different route
to adoption

By choosing Adoption Matters we can offer a concurrent planning service working in partnership with Caritas Care and on behalf of a number of local authorities in the area. Applicants are jointly approved to both foster and adopt for babies and young children, mostly under the age of 2 years but up to the age of four.

Visit our partnership website at

Our adopters stories

Inter-Country Adoption

We are highly experienced in inter-country adoption and work in partnership with a number of local authorities in the UK. Adopting a child from abroad can be referred to as: ‘Inter-country’ adoption / ‘Overseas’ adoption / ‘Adopting from abroad’ Inter-country adoption, as with any adoption, is there to meet the needs of the child. The child’s need should be the paramount consideration. International legislation requires that * Children who cannot live with their birth parents should be either found a placement with a family member or given the opportunity to live with a family within his or her State of Origin. * Intercountry adoption may be considered as an alternative means of providing a permanent family for a child who cannot be cared for in a suitable family in his or her own country. * Intercountry adoption should take place in the best interests of the child and with respect for his or her fundamental rights. * Safeguards and standards equivalent to those which apply in domestic adoption should be applied to intercountry adoption to protect the welfare of the child. * Profit should not be made from the process. For further information please contact us.

Areas we cover

We offer our services to an area across the whole of the North West of England, North & North East Wales, parts of Yorkshire & Humber (Leeds, Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, Kirklees, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield, York & North Yorkshire) and to the South (Shropshire, Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent).  We have offices in Chester, Blackburn, Hale,  Salford, Warrington & Leeds and have staff bases in Wales, Yorkshire and Staffordshire. We deal with each enquiry individually and if you live outside of any of these areas we may be able to assist you if you are interested in a specific child, sibling groups or children with complex needs.

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